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Register-Pajaronian, October, 2014,
"Like the Curves of a Brushstroke"

March, 2013,
"Aptos Artist Vaughn
Expands Venues

July 26, 2012,
"Cafe Ella Exhibit"

July, 2012,
"Interior Monologues"

April, 2012
"Tales from the Brush"

"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way—things I had no words for."
—Georgia O'Keeffe

"I expect an artist to tell me who they are as a human being. When you, the artist, reach that point, that's when I can start to see myself in you."
—Writer Peter Clothier at a School of Art and Design lecture

What Is It In Me That YEARNS To Paint?

sally  First Friday at Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission
My art is about this curious desire to fill a brush with color and move it on paper again and again and again. Somehow, when the brush moves this way, I reveal what I don’t know is inside, but I can see what is inside of me when I stop moving. Sometimes I have a chance to show my art to people who don’t know me and even though I don’t know them, I show it any way.

Once in a while that color on the paper speaks to someone’s heart. Neither of us knew it, yet when they walked in to that particular exhibit on that particular day, some painting would jump off the wall and into their heart! The ta-daa is this: my painting ends up living in their space and that is such an amazing connection from my brush to their “home”. Wow! And I pick up the brush and it chooses a color and I keep on going…and keep on showing…

With a brush in my hand and a blank paper in front of me, the only feelings I have are of freedom, playfulness, and the opportunity for complete expression without judgment or rules. Color, whimsy and happiness are just longing to jump out!

Sometimes, deep feelings of sadness or loss, even frustration may be running through me from daily life experiences. When I paint, I feel a release of those feelings as they pour onto the paper.

When I paint, transformation on the paper happens before my eyes, without conscious thought. I notice that I see things differently when my days include the active process of painting. Something greater than me pours out through the paint and I can't wait for what comes next.

pvac  Sally with Old Wool Car Blanket, PVAC 2014

How Do I DO This?

I grab a brush and move
I follow a fleeting thought
I follow a shape and play with colors
I become meditative within repeating patterns
I play with echoes on the paper
I see from my mind's eye

My paintings reflect the reaction between the brush, the paint color and the blank paper. Using acrylic or tempera, when the brush is in motion, the process is about movement and often about the use of space and the choice NOT to use it. Blending colors becomes a process of flexibility.

What Is The Subject Matter Of My Paintings?

My paintings are a personal and whimsical look at the world of ordinary objects as seen through my brush! Images of words, ideas and objects juxtaposition themselves as they flow onto the blank paper.

At some point in the painting process – could be during or as I feel 'finished' or when I stand back and look at the paper before me – a name for the piece will pop into my head from seemingly out of nowhere! What the viewer sees: the result of varied conversations with myself – true expressions of my being.

My Invitation To You: Come, Sit, Relax…

View my paintings, find the smile, the tears, the "A-Ha!"…discover whatever is hidden inside and just look!

When I paint, it's as if that is all there is.