exhibit Sally installing SCCRTC for First Friday exhibit 2015

Follow Your Dreams

Years ago I was led to the realization that it was time to follow some of my dreams.  I began setting plans to find some spaces, just a day or so during the weeks, simply to spend on those pursuits…

One of my dreams was about painting and, following the suggestion of several friends, I slowly began the steps to explore selling my art, a process which included the benefit of discovering so much more inside of me.

And my sweet Mom, every time she saw one of my new paintings, would say, “Oh, I love that one!”  Dreams, goals, desires, yes!  (If Mom were here, she would say, “Go for it!”) 
Thank you, Mom.

atlook “Release to Peace”, Pajaro Valley Community Health Trust, Spring 2019

Dream Catchers

Dream catchers are symbolic shapes, woven combinations of leather, string, willow, feathers, stones, beads and other found objects.  Dream catchers remind me of my paintings…reflections of my dreams, weaving themselves inside, unbeknownst to me, until that brush jumps into my hand and drinks in rich color…and it slowly turns and dances onto the blank paper. 

What evolves are surprising images of my dreams and other conversations with myself. My Dad was a collector of words…they were scattered all around his study.  He loved to write collections of words (scriptures, thoughts, sayings, and references) on 3x5” cards and slip them between the books on his shelves.

After he passed away, as I sorted through his papers and books, among the many rich discoveries, I found a simple quote on a page that had been torn from a publication.  It’s stuck me profundity: 

sally     Sally at Plaza Lane Optometry 2016
“That which you seek without you is within you.” 
Sir Thomas Browne

How I would love to have sat and chatted with Sir Browne just like I did with my Dad!  That very page lives on my wall at home.  Thank you, Daddy.


Questions…such as do I paint for others or for myself? I see this sometimes hidden question posed at various times when I read about art and artists in magazines or in the news.
pvac Sally with "Solid," Pajaro Valley Arts, 2009

How do questions fit in when painting in Sally's Gallery? I do not know who I would paint for other than myself…my paintings are solely from within, moving 'without' me onto the blank paper.

In the words of Georgia O'Keefe
"I don't see why we ever think of what others think of what we do – no matter who they are – isn't it enough just to express yourself?" (Good question!)

Questions are good for many projects, however, not necessarily when I face a blank paper. For that, I prefer a blank mind, too! And I paint simply to paint, not for a purpose…rather because I feel the urge to paint, and painting feels so delicious!

And so, to answer questions about my painting style and themes: the brush continues to fill with luscious color, the blank pages continue to be filled with images, and the answers become apparent as my own style continues to emerge.